Young Girl Puts Her Life in Danger When Entering the Crocodile Sanctuary and This Happens [VIDEO]

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The young girl dared to enter a crocodile sanctuary to demonstrate her ‘courage’, which left her sorry for the lesson that the animal gave her.

She was terrified when confronted with the reptile, when she entered the enclosure of a giant crocodile to annoy him. The girl jumped down into it’s cage to pet the reptile, without imagining what would happen.

This recent material spread on the Internet adds to the thousands of videos that have captured dangerous maneuvers by young people who try to surprise people and animals. 

What happened? The unusual act of a  girl who entered the crocodile sanctuary in Mexico was shared. The young woman went to a zoo close to her relatives, who were terrified to see her get close to the huge crocodile.

“A young girl enters a cage of crocodiles, with the intention of petting him. Once she touched him, he gets angry and tries to attack her. Immediately, she desperate leaves the enclosure of the animal running”..

The young woman from Mexico exposed her life by trying to interact with a huge crocodile.


Source: La Republica

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