Young Elephant Rushes To Rescue Young Man He Sees Drowning In River [VIDEO]

Through YouTube a video has been shared that shoes the incredible help of  an elephant for a man, who was in danger and close to drowning, in a river in Africa.

A story that will amaze and tender you. Vía YouTube a video was broadcast that has surprised thousands of users by the incredible behavior of a huge elephant with a man, who was about to die drowned in a river, but had the help of the huge mammal. The images became a trend in a few hours in the aforementioned virtual platform.

The gentleman had gone with his companions to the jungle of Africa to make tourism and meet some animals. However, it did not measure its strength and ended up falling to the river in a resounding way.

The man’s friends could not do anything to get him out because the force of the river prevented them from doing so, and they did not have the necessary rescue tools. It was then that a herd of elephants appeared.

An elephant noticed the subject in danger and immediately separated from his pack to enter the river, with the intention of saving him. While the protagonist of the YouTube viral did the impossible to stay close to the animal .

The companions could not believe the elephant’s action to help his friend and take him to the river, who decided to record the precise moment of the rescue, which has already gone viral in a matter of hours on YouTube .

To his good fortune, he was able to swim to shore and behind him was elephant trying to help in every possible way. For a moment he offered his trunk so that he could hang up and get out of the river.

The man was scared because he believed that the huge mammal was going to attack him; however, the opposite happened. The video posted on YouTube already has thousands of views and comments from users, who were moved by the scene.


Source: La Republica