Young Boy Discovers Strange Rock, Without Imagining that It Was One of the Most Lethal Creatures on The Planet [VIDEO]

Terrifying. A YouTube video shows the precise moment when a young diver is almost the victim of one of the deadliest creatures in the world.

A diver shared on YouTube the moment he entered the depths of the Australian Sea and discovered a strange rock, however, as he approached he saw that it was one of the most lethal animals on the planet. The clip quickly became a trend in the countries of Mexico, Spain and the United States.

One man decided to explore the sea to see the flora and fauna, until a curious rock caught his attention. As he looked out he could discover that it was a creature capable of killing him in hours.

In the video shared on YouTube, you can see that the mysterious rock was actually a scorpion fish, one of the deadliest fish on the planet. In their spines, placed on their back, they carry a lethal poison capable of killing a human being.

This animal, also known as rockfish or stone fish, is known to live on the seabed, near the stones to camouflage and kill their prey.

There are more than 200 species of these scorpion fish that have a life span of approximately 15 years. In addition, females can lay more than 15,000 eggs, which float across the ocean and hatch after two days.

Having few predators, in addition to some sharks or rays, these fish increase their numbers, which can grow rapidly.

If the scorpion fish bites you when you step on it or touch it, you should seek medical attention immediately to receive an anti-venom injection because its toxic attack can cause the death of a human being.

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