You Will Not Believe This Spot On Imitation Of An ‘Inflatable Doll’ On A Beach [Hilarious VIDEO]

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A new video has gone viral after showing us the incredible imitation that a young man made of an ‘ inflatable doll ‘. His performance has aroused laughter.

Two boys set out to record a video for fun and one of them had no better idea than to imitate this funny doll.

In the video, we can see how a young man pretends to have an ‘invisible’ inflator while another acts as if he were an ‘inflatable doll’, those devices that are used as a distraction in some shopping centers as propaganda.

What has most attracted the attention is that this young man has great body control to be able to execute these complicated movements that resemble that of the plastic character. 

“How much dominance of his body, incredible”, “It seemed he was possessed”, “excellent imitation and corporal control”; were some of the comments that could be rescued from the video that has already gone around the world.


Source: La Republica