You Will Never Be This Happy During A Heatwave [VIDEO]

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Thanks to a viral video from Facebook thousands could know the incredible reaction that had a polar bear to return to have contact with ice in a pool and cause amazement in the world.

A tender polar bear caused great impact on thousands of Facebook users after his emotional reaction when he returned to be in contact with the ice. The mammal was removed from its natural habitat which was hit by environmental pollution.

The gigantic animal could not contain its excitement when seeing a swimming pool with ice and it had a touching reaction that today has caused astonishment and made reflect to thousands of users of Facebook, social network in which the video already has gone viral.

A polar bear has become ‘famous’ on Facebook , after sharing a video that shows the emotional reaction he had to see the ice again. The animal was rescued by a group of researchers, who took it away from its habitat, which was affected by global warming.

The animal was locked for a long time and had no contact with the ice, that element that abounds in its place of origin. However, the caregivers decided to surprise him and set up a pool in which they placed several ice cubes. The reaction of the animal to see this element moved to tears to thousands of Facebook users , who could not believe the happiness of this animal to return to ‘home’.

As revealed to us in the Facebook images , the giant animal behaved like a puppy and played with the ice as if it had never done it before. The scenes shook thousands and the video went viral, to such an extent that up to now it has more than 12 million reproductions.

“Poor animal, it seems strange to return home”, “It’s a pity that we are causing these animals to be homeless”; were some of the thoughtful messages that were recorded on Facebook , a social network where thousands were moved by this short film.


Source: La Republica