You Will Never Be As Happy As This Guy Is On A Boat In The Ocean [VIDEO]

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A viral video was published through Facebook that shows the peculiar reaction of a small dog when he first visited the sea accompanied by his friend and owners.

It will steal your heart. A viral video was shared through Facebook that left thousands of users excited, because a dog was happy to meet the sea for the first time and caught the attention of its owners.

A couple of husbands accompanied by their youngest children wished to take advantage of their weekend and made the decision to sail near a busy town in the United States; However, they were surprised by the curious action of their mischievous dog that caused laughter on Facebook and other social networks.

As you can see in the images of Facebook, the family’s pets quickly ran to the edge of the boat to take in the scene of the water, while their caretakers settle down to enjoy the ride.

After a few minutes, they noticed that one of the sausage dogs moved their hind legs and tail in a unique way that showed their happiness for being floating in the sea and watching the marine animals.

Even the man who recorded the viral video and posted it on Facebook, caught his exaltation to his companion who was at their side. The members of the family watched with caution before a possible accident occurred of their pets.

The images were published on a well-known Facebook page, where they became a trend in a matter of hours and obtained more than 200 thousand reproductions. Users were captivated with the dog’s behaviour.

“Look at his happiness”, “I think it’s so cute”, “Beautiful dog”, “They are super excited to be at the sea”, “You can tell they like the ride”, were some of the comments they made in the viral video on Facebook.

Dogs excited to be on boat

“My dogs love looking at all the fishies!” 😂😍

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Source: La Republica