You Could Be Paid To Live On An Island On The North Shore And Watch Whales

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Are you looking for a “dream job” for the summer? Silo 57 may have found what you need.  

Tourisme Sept-Îles is looking for the rare pearl to be responsible for Grande Basque Island.     

This beautiful island welcomes many tourists throughout the summer. It’s the perfect place to learn more about geology, marine biology or bird watching. Tourisme Sept-Îles already has its naturalist guides to entertain tourists. The non-profit organization is looking for a caretaker or babysitter on the island 24/7 who will be there to help visitors as needed.     

If this dream job interests you, know that you have to be manual and in good physical shape, because in addition to being welcoming you will have to make sure that the infrastructures of the island are safe. Also, it is better not to suffer from seasickness to apply, (which is quite logical).     

The goalkeeper will live on the island and will have the chance to end his days with a magnificent whale show. She will live in a small cottage on the island.   

The contract runs until September and the selected person will work a 7 day work schedule for 7 days off. For more details and above all, to know how to apply, it’s here .    

You Could Be Paid To Live On An Island On The North Shore And Watch Whales 

So, who’s the lucky one?    


Source: Journal de Montreal