Yacht Suffers Damage And Unleashes Panic On Land When Crashing Into A Restaurant Full Of Diners

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The spooky scene was recorded from different angles by terrified tourists visiting the pier of the city of Cairns, in Queensland ( Australia ), and went viral on social networks like Facebook .

The tranquility of a well-known pier was interrupted when a luxurious private yacht suffered a mechanical failure, which caused it to hit a floating restaurant that was packed with tourists at that time. Recording of the event went viral on Facebook and other social networks.

It all started when the vessel led by Jason Chambers was about to leave the dock located in the city of Cairns, in Queensland, Australia.

Unfortunately, a gear got stuck, causing the vehicle to not turn. This was stated by Chambers himself according to statements collected by  Newsweek

The crew turned off the engines and threw the anchor, but little could be done to prevent the ship from hitting another ship and a ramp leading to a floating restaurant.

It was learned that the accident did not leave injured. On the other hand, it was announced that the person in charge of the boat did not feel worried about the damages caused since the yacht would belong to a coal tycoon. 

Videos of the incident accumulate thousands of views on Facebook. 


Source: Trome