World’s First Infinity Pool With 360 Degree Views Of London Is Somewhat Terrifying


A new building in London, UK, will feature the world’s first infinity pool with 360 degree views to give a thrill to those who venture out.

Located at the top of a 55-story skyscraper – 220 meters – and named Infinity London, the pool will have 600,000 liters of water and is a corporate design Compass Pools.

It will be made from molded acrylic and will have clear walls and floors. Even the bravest could be dizzy!

To keep a full view of the London skyline, there will be no stairs outside the pool or building, which will include a five-star hotel just below the famous swimming pool. Instead, a spiral staircase that turns and mounts in the water will provide access to bathers.

“The solution is based on the hatch of a submarine, associated with a spiral spiral staircase that rises from the bottom of the pool when someone wants to enter or exit,” said designer and technical director Alex Kemsley on the Compass Pools website.

The designers predict that the pool will glow like a “torch” in the evening, with the building and the pool of water that will be equipped with lights.

In addition, a system will regulate the temperature of the water and calculate the strength of the winds and, thanks to a series of sensors, it will be ensured that there will be no overflows that could disturb the passers-by while bottom of the building. The construction of this one could begin at the beginning of the year 2020.

World's First Infinity Pool With 360 Degree Views Of London Is Somewhat Terrifying


Source: TVANouvelles