Women Risk Lives to Fetch Water from 60-foot Deep Well After Severe Drought in India

With many parts of India suffering from a severe drought, women in rural villages are risking their lives to obtain water for their families.

Water sources have entirely dried up in 25 villages of Trimbakeshwar Taluka in Nashik District of western India, so many women are forced to make the dangerous descent down the walls of the well to draw water at the bottom.

Bhagwan Madhe, an activist with a local non-profit organisation ‘Shramajeevi Sanghathana,’ shot this video of women making a hazardous climb down a 60-feet well in Badewadi village on April 20.  Madhe said the region has been experiencing severe water problem for the last three years and the government officials have failed to address the crisis.

“Most women are risking their lives to get water and luckily no accident has taken place so far,” he added.

Sources: Liveleak.com & Newsflare