Woman Swimming on New Zealand Coast Thought She Was Being Followed by Playful Dolphins. You Will be SHOCKED When You See Who Was Actually Stalking Her

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It was a practice swim like any other day for a New Zealand woman, until unexpected visitors began swimming next to her on the Coromandel coast. “There was a shape below me that looked like a huge shape and I thought it was a dolphin and I was very excited, then I saw the big white colour on it’s back,”. It turned out that several killer whales surrounded her.

The playful killer whales joined a woman swimming on the Coromandel coast.

She told the NEWS that she immediately thought about swimming to shore, because she was afraid they might hurt her. But then she decided to continue swimming. The mammals surrounded her once more and a drone belonging to a tourist captured the moment.

“It was very different from anything that I’ve ever experienced, it’s a life-changing experience,” Johnson said. “They were as interested and curious about me as I was of them,” he added.

Although killer whales are carnivorous and eat sea lions and seals, they are not known to attack humans, according to National Geographic. For this reason, Johnson was worried because she was wearing a black body suit and may have resembled a seal.