Woman Standing Close To Dolphin Tank With Her iPad Get’s Robbed (VIDEO)

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A Video shows a woman in an embarrassing moment thanks to a ‘naughty’ dolphin during an excursion by the sea.

A woman had a big scare when she was on a trip by the sea to appreciate the maritime nature and interact with some ‘naughty dolphins’; however, her tranquility was marred by the surprising behavior that the animal showed in the presence of a bunch of tourists.

A group of tourists approach the reef where the dolphins are and begin to admire their beauty. However, to the bad luck of a woman, the ‘naughty’ animal jumps at her and snatches her tablet right out of  her hands.

As you know, dolphins enjoy an innate spirit of fun that no animal of nature has. The so-called “Kids of the ocean” have been studied by the University of New York in which they carried out an experiment with mirrors. They placed the large objects in their enclosure to see their reactions at the bottom of the water and immediately had fun watching their reflection.

The video took place in Mexico brought out the funny behavior that a dolphin experienced when stealing the woman’s tablet. Immediately, the tourists present began to shout with excitement and the shouts echoed in the room.

When the woman is violated with the removal of her tablet, she quickly inserts her hands into the enclosure and removes it from the animal’s snout. The tourists who were in the vicinity had no choice in mocking the epic moment that started more than a laugh among those present.

“It shows the level of intelligence they have. Beautiful dolphin “,” The imprudence of the woman became evident when putting her hand in without thinking that it can eat it whole “, were the comments that could be read on social networks.



Source: la republica