Woman Saves The Life Of A Shark Caught In A Fishing Line While Diving (VIDEO)

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When the shark was released, he did not flee immediately, but instead went around with his saviours, looking at the camera, as if he wanted to thank them.

A British woman has saved a shark caught in a fishing line while snorkeling this Tuesday near Hallsands Beach, in the English county of Devon, reports Plymouth Live.

Michelle Walton, 53, was on vacation with her partner, Peter Love, 52, when they saw a cat shark caught in a double hook of a line hitting violently in an attempt to break free .

“We were in the water less than ten meters deep, near the coast, when Pete and I saw a line and I warned him to avoid it,” says this mother of two children and the grandmother of three grandchildren. “We followed the line and disappeared in some algae and when we reached the end we saw a cat shark caught on a double hook,” he continues.

Then the woman approached the shark, took out a diving knife and began cutting the thread . “It took a long time because it was hard,” says Walton.

When the shark was finally released, he did not go swimming immediately, but instead circled around his rescuers, looking at the camera. “I think he was thanking us,” said the diver.

Cat sharks feed on invertebrates and small fish and are not dangerous to humans .


Source: ActualidadRT