Woman Posing Sexy For A Photo Stands In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time [VIDEO]

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A young woman became ‘famous’ on Facebook, after starring in a shameful incident in a water park when she wanted to take a sexy photograph, but nothing went as she expected.

He became the laughing stock. A viral video was shared through Facebook and other social networks that unleashed thousands of laughs from users, after a girl spent a shameful incident in a water park while trying to take a sexy photograph; however, the place she had chosen would make her look ridiculous in front of everyone.

The young protagonist of the Facebook viral clip wanted to capture the best moment during her visit to the water park and she did it, but not in the way she expected, since she spent a sultry moment when she tried to make a sexy pose to take off a photography.

The funny incident was recorded on video by the same person who tried to take a picture, who was responsible for sharing it on Facebook and other networks, unleashing more than a laugh in Internet users.

And, as shown in the images, which already have more than 76,000 reproductions on Facebook , the woman did not notice the place where she wanted to take the photo and ended up with her soaked underwear, after the pipe was lit a pool on which she was standing.

The woman, who wore a small dress, tried to do her best pose while the photographer gave her some indications, until, unexpectedly, the small pipes of the floor lit up and soaked her legs quickly.

The images soon went viral on the networks, unleashing various reactions among Facebook users . “It refreshed him to the soul”, “but what a way to capture a good moment,” commented some of the users after watching the video .

Source: La Republica