Woman Gets Closer to Dolphin Than She Ever Wanted, and The Situation Was Unexpected.

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One woman’s dolphin encounter got a little sexier than she bargained for!

This video shows what appears to be a dolphin humping a human while she and onlookers laugh. You might be surprised to know that this is actually a pretty common occurrence! But it’s also not what it may appear to be.

The world of dolphin sexual behaviour is actually a strange and complicated one. In this video (and many other like it) while the dolphin is moving in a way we humans would call ‘humping,’ that’s a little bit misleading. Dolphins swim by moving their whole bodies in a wave-like motion, so of course when half of their body is on land (and conveniently on top of a human where it has likely been trained to be) it’s going to look a little bit naughty to human eyes.

Many dolphins in captivity or in the wild who have frequent contact with humans are eager to please, making them ideal to train. So they’re trained to hop up on dry land to interact with humans — who wouldn’t want a hug from a dolphin? It likely receives rewards of food for interacting with humans, so it’s probably just looking for a treat.

That being said, dolphins do have a history of being sexually aggressive towards humans and other animals. In 2012, a videographer was shoved to the ocean floor by an aggressive — and aroused — dolphin. A New England harbour warned swimmers away in 2002 because of an aggressive dolphin lurking off the coast. In August of 2018 a French town banned summer swimming because there were so many unpleasant encounters between randy dolphins and hapless swimmers.

But the dolphin in this video doesn’t seem to be visibly aroused, so it’s pretty unlikely that this video is an example of a sexually aggressive dolphin-on-human encounter — it’s just a funny moment caught on camera that resulted in a good story and no one getting hurt.

Have you ever had an amorous encounter with a dolphin? Tell us your story in the comments!

  1. Had an amorous encounter with a dolphin? Hell, I made a movie about it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEX33vAyF5Y&t=2s

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