Woman Enters River And Terrifying Creature Emerges From The Bottom To Attack Her [VIDEO]

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On Facebook, the video is viral. A young woman was scared of her life when she was struck by a dangerous creature that emerged from the unexplored depths of a river.

Terrifying find. A video managed to give the ‘creeps’ on thousands of Internet users on Facebook by witnessing the terrifying moment a woman suffered when a huge creature emerged from the depths to bite a limb while swimming in a gentle river. It only took a few hours for the clip to be viral in Mexico , Spain and the United States.

A man who was very close to the scene decided to take the camera of his cell phone to record the unusual scene that he would then publish on different Internet platforms. This soon generated all kinds of reactions and comments among many Internet users. What happened? Keep reading to be aware of everything.

In the first seconds of the viral video of Facebook you can see how the couple is swimming in the river and suddenly the woman is dragged down. When he notices this, he tries to help her to return to the surface and when she finally succeeds, they notice that there is a huge creature biting her arm.

Moments later everyone present notes that it is actually a giant fish that has clung to the woman’s arm. She tries to get rid of it but does not succeed, while on her side the animal presses heavily with her whole mouth so as not to let her escape so easily.

In the last seconds of the video that was posted on Facebook and went viral, it can be seen how the young woman still can’t get the fish out of her arm, however, she smiles at what it looks like she wasn’t being hurt. In addition, this clip generated all kinds of reactions among thousands of users, who did not hesitate to provide their opinions.

Some of the most prominent comments were: “What a huge fish, if one of those bites me I don’t know what I would do”, “The woman is calm and smiling despite having that huge animal clinging to her arm”, among others.

Watch the viral video of Facebook


Source: La Republica