Woman Enters Pool With Fierce Tiger, Without Expecting The Feline Would Do The Unthinkable [VIDEO]

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Through a viral Facebook video, thousands of users watched the fearsome encounter between a young woman with a tiger inside a pool. The images have surprised more than one.

The Facebook video shows the unusual case of an intrepid model who, accompanied by a tiger, entered a pool. A boldness that was shared in social networks and that the woman had never done in her entire professional career; however, little or nothing mattered and began to bathe with the wild creature, without imagining the peculiar outcome.

Recording viral on Facebook showed the enthralling scene where the beautiful woman went to the pool with a white tiger apparently trained by a trainer who raised him since childhood. The clip became a trend, especially in Mexico, Spain and the United States.

With the nerves on end, the woman entered the pool where she was waiting for a majestic white feline , whose viral video on Facebook was noted that she enjoyed her bath to the fullest. Tenderness to the fullest! The unusual scene showed the tiger letting himself be carried away by the gravity of the water, while the model held him by the back so that the huge specimen did not sink dramatically.

Very carefully, the woman placed herself behind the animal and held it by her abdomen so that it does not sink into the deep pool. On the other hand, the hungry predator was very pleased with the cooling water and pampering that subjected him to every moment of the viral video of Facebook.

The viral video was shared on Facebook by the “LADbible” page, which accumulated more than 4 million views, 27 thousand shares and 24 thousand comments from users totally surprised with the incredible interaction between the beautiful girl and the wild creature. “What a sweet feline!, a beautiful animal in a pose and a very unnatural setting,” the users wrote on social networks.

Watch the viral video of Facebook:


Source: La Republica


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    I’ll have a little steak tartare after my bath and massage, please… Meow!😽 😻😹😼

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