Woman Ends Up Naked And With Multiple Body Fractures After Trying A Wave Simulator (VIDEO)

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Tracy Turner decided to try the wave simulator at the Coral Sea Aqua Club in England, but almost died from multiple fractures in the ribs and other parts of the body.

The 51-year-old woman was about to die after trying a wave simulator in the water park of the hotel she had gone to vacation with her family in Egypt. According to the viral YouTube video, the mother of the family ended up naked and with multiple fractures in the ribs and other parts of the body when she could not control the waves of the simulator and was swallowed by them. 

Tracy Turner went to the water park of this hotel and decided to try this wave simulator without imagining that minutes later it could have caused her death. 

In the video that went viral on YouTube You can see the woman very happy to use this wave simulator, but everything goes out of control and she is thrown around and hit by the water on several occasions.

By the pressure of the water, first, it ripped off the top part of the bikini she was wearing, then the bottom while the lifeguard laughed and stood watching the water hit the woman again and again. 

The family had to take her to the emergency after this accident and the doctor who attended to her told her that she was about to be permanently disabled, but as part of her treatment has to undergo painful injections in his spine.

“I never knew they were so dangerous, I was a person who could go outdoors and had a great social life, now I can not do as much as before, I have also gained weight because I can not go to the gym and I am depressed because of that”, says Tracy Turner at dailymail.co.uk.


Source: Trome