Woman Diving Gets Her Hair Ripped Out By A Crazy Fish [VIDEO]

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A video that shows the peculiar moment a woman experienced in the ocean, when a curious fish wanted to tear her hair out.

The video went viral and has stunned thousands of Internet users as it reveals the disturbing experience that a female diver lived in the depths of the Australian sea. She went down to a reef and came across a mysterious fish that decided to attack her by pulling her hair with her huge mouth. 

In the Facebook images  recorded on the island of Hamilton, in Australia, you can see the woman surrounded by three fish, they swim on top of her for no apparent reason. From one moment to another, the sea ​​creatures show a strange behavior.

The woman is an expert diver and went down to the Australian beach known as ‘Bermuda’ to record what was in the sea. In an instant of its route, the young person who responds to the name of  Beth Neale was surprised by curious fish that approached her to interact.

The marine creatures that appear in the viral video turned out to be ‘goat fish’ or also known as ‘fish remora’, according to the woman. “These fish thought my hair looked rich enough to eat,” she described.

As seen in the images, one of the fish in particular approached him with the intention of pulling the hair. Making use of his enormous mouth, the marine animal pulled the hair, while his “victim” laughed of impression.

Apparently, these ‘ goat fish ‘ feed on the feces of their hosts. In general, they live next to huge fish, such as sharks or whales, and swim with them as a protection. 



Source: La Republica