Woman “Dances” with Sharks in the Ocean and Does Not Fear their Fierce Bites [VIDEO]

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Cristina Zenato , is a conservationist known as the “shark dancer” and has dived with the world’s most dangerous fish for 25 years. Photographs on Facebook went around the world.

Do you find it dangerous to interact with sharks? For Cristina Zenato it is an unforgettable experience that lives in the ocean with a group of sharks or feet on her knees. For many people it turns out to be a terrifying experience; however, for the researcher they have become their dance partners. The photographs on Facebook have unleashed the admiration of thousands of users.

Cristina is recognized as the “shark dancer” and does not hesitate to experience the close bond that unites them with dangerous animals. The 47-year-old conservationist has vast experience in diving with the world’s most dangerous animals for more than 25 years. “The first time I put a shark to sleep was my second dive with them,” he said. “That big female swam directly in my lap,” the risky woman mentioned.

“The most amazing thing was that this 8-foot shark that felt its weight on my thighs, could begin to feel its smooth movement, while diving. I started crying in my mask because it was so incredible, so unique, “he said on Facebook .

Throughout her career, Cristina has shown that her most prized companions are sharks. “I always had a childhood dream of having sharks as friends,” stressed the risky woman.


Over the years, Cristina wears a chainmail suit to protect herself, as she moves among the sharp-toothed fish, caressing their noses. Her goal for women is to change the way people think about fierce marine animals. “I want people to understand that sharks are vulnerable,” he said. “The disconnection between the real world and the perceptions of the people is so huge,” the woman commented.


Source: La Republica