Wildlife Around The World Being Monitored From Space By Satellite Camera (VIDEO)

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A video, which was recorded by satellite camera, exposes some mysterious creatures that were captured in the least expected place on the planet.

The discovery surprised the world. A satellite camera recorded mysterious creatures that were in the least imagined place on Earth. 

Animals will always be the “kings of the virals”, since their unexpected reactions, behaviors and great love move us and they entertain us. 

From space, the satellite managed to capture various creatures in different parts of the planet, achieving unexpected discoveries that have left thousands of people around the world surprised.

The first images manage to capture the meeting of a seal mother with her offspring that had just been born in Antarctica. The film managed to move thousands of viewers, however, the video brings more surprises, such as herds of gannets that were enjoying a moment of peace on an Atlantic island.

To the surprise of some, the last place that was captured was a dangerous island of the Antarctica, where they witnessed the great colony of penguins that lived there.

People have been really impressed with the video and with the great perspective that satellite images can provide. Definitely, amazing technology that could be used to protect thousands of animals in danger of extinction.


Source: La Republica