Wildebeest Drank Water from a River, but Crocodile Emerges Suddenly and Makes it his Prey

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It is said that, in the jungle, the strongest being survives and who adapts better to the constant change of the place where he lives. This was demonstrated in a video that showed the ferocity and cunning that a hungry crocodile can have.

It is the precise moment in which the reptile takes advantage of the distraction of a herd of wildebeest to make its prey of the day. The attack was recorded by the cameras of the BBC channel. 

You will see in the YouTube clip  that the bovids were drinking water from a river without imagining that they were being watched closely by one of the most frightening predators of the jungle.

Thus, from one moment to another and after waiting for the right moment, the reptile emerges from the water and launches itself against its victim to take it by the neck.

The wildebeest can do little or nothing against the strength of the crocodile’s teeth. Finally, other reptiles approach him and end up devouring him alive.


Source: Trome