Wild Boar Trapped in Frozen Lake is Rescued From in Unusual Form [VIDEO]

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The exact moment a wild pig is rescued by skaters in a very peculiar way on a Swedish lake was captured on video.

Surprisingly through video people share thousands of animal rescues every day, but this one that we will show you next is very rare. It turns out that a boar was rescued by a group of skaters from a frozen lake, but the way they did it was amazing.

Jacob Konig and his friends skated by a frozen lake of Sweden , when suddenly they saw a group of wild boar that happened very near, nevertheless, some of them entered the slippery lake without being able to leave since they fell on the surface constantly.

According to Konig, the wild pigs looked like ” Bambi in the ice “, so he and his friends tried to help them, but every time they approached they tried to flee, shaking a lot. So they devised another plan, which would be the most unusual.

Using their skating sticks, the skaters could be placed at a distance that was not bothering them for the agitated boars so they began to push them. The video shows how the last one was rescued and taken to the mainland where he could move comfortably.

The viral video caused great commotion in the users of YouTube , since the subjects were very kind in carrying out this task. This is not the first time that one of these animals is seen in an unusual place, in 2015 they rescued one of them in the middle of the sea.