Why Would He Go Into An Aquarium Store And Poison Fish? (Caught On VIDEO)

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Cameras capture how a man poisons dozens of tropical fish at a pet store.

The owner of the establishment, located in Singapore, has broadcast images of the security cameras to try to identify the person in charge.

The owner of a pet store in Singapore seeks to identify an individual who last week poisoned a large number of fish in one of his aquariums.

Ng Him Yick, owner of Glassbox Aquarium, shared on Facebook a video of the security cameras of the premises, that last Tuesday the 11th caught the subject wandering around the establishment before throwing a white powder into a tank containing 40 to 50 fish tropical freshwater. The substance caused the water to become turbid and a strong toxic smell began to emanate.

This Monday, Ng explained  to the local media that the incident took place while he was serving customers and drained the aquarium as soon as he realized what had happened, but by that time, only two fish were still alive. The man estimated the losses at S $ 500 (US $ 364).

The fact has been reported to the local police, who have opened an investigation while it is hoped that the publication of the images can help locate the person responsible.


Source: ActualidadRT

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