Why It Is Dangerous To Release Killer Whales From The “Whale Prison”

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Environmentalists reported on the plans of the authorities to release killer whales from the “whale prison” in Srednyaya Bay, where animals are now, and declare that it is dangerous for them.

“According to the information available to Ekovakhty Sakhalin, VNIRO (All-Russian Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography – IF), representatives of the Russian Fishery Agency, the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation and a number of other participants intend to insist on releasing all orcas during the period of May 18-20, in Sredniy Bay, ”says the Sakhalin Ekovaht report on Tuesday.

Environmentalists say that this decision is contrary to the recommendations of an independent international expert group, united under the auspices of the team of the famous oceanologist Cousteau.

“Experts of the Cousteau team, including Russian ones, describe in detail all the risks of the release of killer whales in Sredny Bay and categorically do not recommend this. Killer whales released at their current location will most likely not be able to find food, as they will be in an unusual environment, under unfamiliar conditions, ”the message reads.

In the south of Primorye, there are no wild killer whales, so prisoners of the “whale prison” who were released, will have to get their food completely independently, without any help.

The experts recommended releasing killer whales in the places they were caught last year, or in areas where wild killer whales live.

Why It Is Dangerous To Release Killer Whales From The "Whale Prison"

According to Sakhalin Environmental Watch, the consultation where the fate of animals from the whale prison will be decided will begin on Tuesday at 10:00 in Moscow at the Institute of Ecology and Evolutionary Problems. Severtsov RAN.

Why It Is Dangerous To Release Killer Whales From The "Whale Prison"



Source: Maritime News of Russia

  1. The orcas and belugas have become dependent on their trainers and need to be rehabilitated, re-adjusted to their environment. It makes no sense to release them in an area they aren’t familiar with, where they can find no food. Invest some time into rehabbing them, you invested enough into capturing them in the first place!

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