Why Did This Man Sink His Ferrari 360 in the Ocean?

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The event occurred at the end of 2018, but the rescued divers now published photos of the Italian car sunk at the bottom of the water.

A Ferrari car is a longed-for vehicle that many people would enjoy driving on the roads of their city, but apparently there are other people who would prefer to drive it directly to the bottom of the water.

This was the case of a driver in the state of Florida who last December 26 rushed his Ferrari 360 through the port of Palm Beach to drop to 30 meters below the water, where a group of divers called Code 3 Divers they found it and rescued it from the cold emptiness of the ocean.

Why did a Ferrari owner decide to sink his expensive car on the ocean floor? We do not know, but according to the local television network WPTV, who reported the story for the first time, the man was identified as James Maucciaccio Jr., and he did not test positive for alcohol or drugs, according to official reports of the accident.

Why Did This Man Sink His Ferrari 360 in the Ocean?

Also discarded the idea that the driver has fallen by accident to the water, because the car took off from the port at a speed so fast that landed at a distance of approximately 50 feet away from the port.

Fortunately, Maucciaccio managed to get out of the Italian before it touched the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and a ship rescued him to take him safely to land.

The images of the Ferrari below the water, made public by divers recently, became viral in social networks because you can not always see a car as elegant as a Ferrari, covered in salt water on the sandy bottom of the ocean.

The divers activated the vehicle’s air bags to get it out of the bottom of the salty sea and no further details have been revealed about the vehicle’s condition, the driver’s motives or possible criminal charges against the audacious subject.

Why Did This Man Sink His Ferrari 360 in the Ocean?

According to Code 3 Diver in one of his post on Facebook, this is not the first time they rescue a Ferrari from water.


Source: La Opinion