Who Knew They Could Reach The Shore So Quick And Violently [VIDEO]

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A viral video that shows the moment when a giant animal emerges from the sea to attack a baby sea lion that was on the shores of a beach in ​​Australia. The BBC chain was responsible for sharing in their social networks the incredible tactic used by the sea creature to eat its elusive prey.

In the video it showed the incredible tactic that the predator devised to hunt sea ​​lions that are on the shore. In this way, killer whales, took advantage of the immense waves of the sea to pounce on their prey who believed they were safe on dry land.

The huge killer whales grab their victims by their tail, while the giant waves became their best ally for their terrifying attack. However, the hunt did not culminate with that procedure, as some killer whales began to shake the lions to kill them before eating them.

On the other hand, other killer whales subjected their prey with the technique of dragging them to open waters where they began to play with them, throwing them into the air as if they were dolls. 

“The power it takes to throw around a sea lion like a rag doll,” “Now I understand why they call them killer whales,” “We’re still sad about sea lions, knowing that whales have to eat,” were the most popular comments on YouTube.

Whales and their unique hunting technique in the world

Orcas or killer whales have adapted to the customs of their prey and have devised a unique plan in the world to hunt them. The technique consists in the intentional strangling or immobilization while waiting for sea lions. In the shared video on  YouTube it is appreciated when the predator returns to the water and captures its victim without problems.


Source: La Republica