Who Is Really Attacking Who In This Video? You Be The Judge (VIDEO)

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Two dogs come to play in a river, without imagining that minutes later they would face a huge snake that could have devoured them.

Thousands of animal lovers are angered to see the video, since the man recording the video did nothing to try and rescue the dogs, or even the snake for that matter.

In the first minutes of the video it is possible to appreciate the moment when the two dogs found a giant python that was in the water. The brave dogs exposed their lives by ‘nibbling the tail of the large creature .

It is not possible that the person with the phone does not do something to save the lives of the defenseless dogs, “said an indignant Internet user when she saw that the animals could be devoured,” Furulais, why expose them this way with the giant snake, “wrote another viewer.

As the clip shows, the dogs were not harmed by the snake, who was apparently frightened by the barking of the animals. In this note we share the viral video so you can appreciate the incredible encounter of a python with two dogs.

Finally, in the viral video appeared a resident of Mexico with his pet dog. The man came to see what was happening and this is how the filming concludes.


Source: La Republica