While On A Diving Trip In England He Finds The Most Unusual Friendship  [VIDEO]

A viral video was posted on Facebook that shows a diver, who shocked thousands of viewers by maintaining a good friendship with a seal after swimming in the ocean.

True act of love, a viral video was shared that moved thousands of viewers, which shows a diver who established an unexpected friendship with a seal after swimming in the ocean.

The young man went to a small island to explore the ocean and enjoy his favourite pastime. The place he went with his companions were surprised to see a seal approaching them. For a moment they tried to flee without imagining what would happen.

The friends entered the water holding a GoPro camera to record their adventure to find marine creatures or mysterious things to post on Facebook , where it has already gone viral quickly.

While the man was swimming in the sea he was hit by a seal that swam next to him. After several minutes he decided to remain still for the fear of being attacked by the animal.

But the opposite happened, since the marine animal tried to make the man give him caresses and try to play with him. For this reason, he did not hesitate to take out his camera to record the incredible moment he experienced with the seal.

The diver and the seal made a good friendship. This fact motivated the young man to return several times to visit his peculiar friend in the ocean that receives him in the best way and always waits for a gesture of love.

The viral video has several comments from viewers, who showed their emotion by the attitude of the animal for wanting to play and receive a humans affection.  


Source: La Republica