While On A Dive He Feels Something Attacking His Lower Body (VIDEO)

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A diver went through an experience that, surely, he will never forget. This situation occurred while he was exploring the waters of a Russian region in the company of other people. One of them recorded everything and provided the video to be shared on YouTube.

This begins by showing how a large octopus uses its tentacles to latch onto the body of the diver, as if looking for his weakest part.

After a few seconds the octopus is seen trying to wrap itself around the mans leg in order to drag him to the bottom. Fortunately, this was able to be avoided.

The recording ends with the octopus swimming to the bottom of the ocean and hiding against and within the rocks from the gaze of those present.

“Attack or hug? While it seems at first, I think we should give the octopus the benefit of the doubt, maybe it’s their way of expressing affection,” commented one user.


Source: Trome