While In The River He Receives a Surprise Attack (Warning Video Is Extremely Emotionally Sensitive)

Attention! This video is very hard to watch. The surprise attack on a buffalo of a huge creature that ripped off  his leg. 

Nature can sometimes be cruel. An unfortunate buffalo paid dearly for the consequences of drinking water in the wrong place. The poor bovine faced a great fight against a crocodile that emerged from the water and ripped a piece of his leg off. 

A video shows how raw and harsh nature can be. And is that the life of animals in the wild is brutal and are the herbivorous creatures, often are those who have to suffer the fatal consequences .

The buffaloes are animals that usually travel in herds of thousands, however, when they are tamed by men, these groups decrease considerably, which can harm them when they must drink water in the rivers, where fearsome creatures like crocodiles live.

Thousands of buffalo eyes are attentive as they drink in the river and know where their predator is, however, when it is only one that must be alert, this becomes a very difficult task.

It was a buffalo to which its owners let it go to drink water in the Krishná river, in India that suffered the fatal consequences of going alone. The bovine is seen drinking water calmly, without suspecting that it was being stalked by a crocodile.

The huge reptile bites one of its legs while the mammal tries to get away from its teeth. After giving several kicks to the water and trying to flee, the crocodile releases it and the cattle flees, but pays a high price.

In the sensitive images the bovine is observed going towards its herd that waited on a hill. There, they come to see what happened to him and comfort him with their heads.

Here we leave the original video that was published on Twitter , which shows the heartbreaking scene complete. Attention! The following images can hurt your sensitivity.


Source: La Republica