While Filming His Kids In The Ocean With A Drone He Catches Something Too Close For Comfort (Images)

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He was filming his family with a drone and catches a shark swimming towards his children.

In the images you can see the family running to get out of the water and the silhouette of the marine predator.

A man from Florida (USA), without knowing it, took some pictures with a drone while noticing a shark approaching his children when they were playing in the water at New Smyrna Beach last week.

“The kids played on the beach and just decided, ‘Hey, now is a good time to take a picture from above’ , ” he told Dan Watson to Fox News. “Literally, as soon as I put it in the air, I saw a shadow moving through the water directly towards them.”

Watson immediately told his wife to get the children out of the water and rushed to see the images taken by the drone.

In the photos captured through the device and shared by Watson on his Instagram account, one can observe the family running from the water and the silhouette of the predator dangerously close to the children.


Source: ActualidadRT