While Diving He Notices Something Moving Under the Ocean Sand What He Sees Next Surprises Him

On May 6, 2019 in Marsa Alam, Egypt, a scuba diver encounters a couple of Moray eels interacting on the ocean floor. These two eels seem to be very close, as if they spend a lot of time together each day. They are messing around and seem to be very playful with one another.

In the video we see them moving around in the sand trying to push each other around from underneath.

The diver explained that he was, “Snorkeling on a sunny day in the Red Sea, something moving in the sand caught my attention. I dove down and put my cam on and watched a funny scene between 2 moray eels who seemed to get a lot of pleasure being together.”

It seems as if this is a true couple of Moray eels. They could very well be two eels that are in love, hanging out at the bottom of the sea.

Nonetheless, this is a beautiful and funny scene of the two eels. It must be very cool to be the diver filming this but with the very high quality of his camera, it almost feels like we are there ourselves.

Source: ViralHog