When You Try To Eat A Living Creature But It Decides To Eat You Instead [VIDEO]

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A popular Chinese vlogger received a cruel lesson after trying to devour a living creature, without suspecting the cruel revenge it would have with her.

If karma exists, this is the test. Viewers exploded with laughter for what happened to this young influencer, after she tried to eat a living creature while doing a live broadcast on the popular Weibo platform in China. The video soon became viral due to the curious way in which the creature cruelly avenged the girl.

It is that the vlogger often publishes videos of her eating seafood, however, this time she left the crustaceans aside to try a more exotic creature and teach her followers the feat she could do by putting it to her mouth alive.

As shown in the video, ‘Little Seven’ was quiet while conducting a transmission in live while having an octopus on her face, but things change when he discovers that she can not remove it.

The young girl begins to pull the tentacles of the octopus, however, the animal holds onto her skin of ‘Little Seven’. “Look how hard it is sucking me,” says the young woman, as she tries to remove it from her face.

After several seconds, the action becomes increasingly difficult and painful. “I can not take it off,” the girl yells. The panic seems to start, and she really starts pulling hard on the octopus, seriously distorting her face and causing the laughter of everyone.

She finally manages to take it off and, apparently anxious to get revenge or maybe just for the appetite, says to the camera: “I’ll eat it in the next video.” However, the octopus took revenge because it left a wound on her face.

An octopus will usually use its tentacles to catch its dinner or to fight predators. The suckers that are in the lower part of the tentacles can stick and hold very well, and this woman discovered it firsthand.

Viewers commented “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”. A tentacle for a little cheek? Fair enough. Below we leave you with the video that quickly became viral.


Source: La Republica