When You Have No Fear You Will Be Surprised What You Can Do Just Ask This Cat (VIDEO)


A curious cat slaps a scary crocodile.

A cat that is not afraid of the consequences of their actions rather than their instincts. The video caused great astonishment to it’s viewers since they never imagined that the small feline would face without fear of a huge crocodile.

Although the video is less than thirty seconds long it is sufficient to exhibit the unusual cat’s response to the surprise of the powerful reptile that for surprises many, fiercely attacked the cat.

Everything happened very close to his home located in Florida (United States). It happens that one day he decided to visit a park with his cat, this place is known for golfing, and of course, for their crocodiles that occasionally burst into the shots generating great surprise in those present.

He was just walking peacefully when he noticed that from the edge of a lagoon there was very unusual movement. When approaching to verify what it was, he found that it was a crocodile, far from alarmed, the young man took out his mobile and recorded the event.

When he noticed that the reptile was not looking for a problem, he approached it, and it was precisely when his cat followed the him and without fuss or fear was centimeters beyond the giant beast and gave him several blows with his paw to the face.

To the surprise of the young man, the crocodile remains serene and does not react the blows of the cat. With the emotion of what was lived, the man could not explain what was the behaviour of these two animals. 


Source: La Republica