What Would You do if You Saw THOUSANDS of These on the Ocean Floor?

On February 15, 2019 in Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia, a female diver named Bridget came across something that could either make your skin crawl or make you feel wildly intrigued. With the submission of her video, she included a long description of her hobby and mission in life.

“Hi, I’m Bridget! I’m 25 and hail from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. I’ve been diving since 2013. I paddleboard often and swim every day. I spend summers in Rye in the middle of Port Phillip Bay on a dive boat and uni semesters in Hobart. I study Marine Biology and Antarctic Science.”

She goes on to say, “My mission is to share our love for the ocean through science backed evidence and translate it into a format we can all understand. Communication is key. I also hate single-use plastics so I’ll share with you proven up-cycling ideas, plastic-free recipes/tips/tricks and cleanup endeavors. Cuttlefish are my fave sea creature, closely followed by the playful seals.”

So it seems Bridget is a very nice girl trying to do something for the environment and in the end, for us all. In this video she sent in, we see thousands and thousands of spider crabs grouping up on the ocean floor. A spectacular site if you really enjoy spider crabs, but what would it feel like being in Bridget’s position? So close to this many spider crabs might not be ideal for some people but Bridget handled it well.

Source: ViralHog