What This Baby Does in the Ocean Will Surprise You…

On March 10, 2019 in Guaruja, São Paulo, Brazil, a few year old baby picks up a surfboard and decides to give it a shot. As soon as the wave is approaching him, he hops right on the board totally stable and starts surfing the wave like a PRO. He manages to drift all the way to shore smoothly and hopping off like it was nothing.

After watching the video you can totally tell this baby is one rad and cool dude. At only a few years old, he can already grasp the understanding of surfing and the movements required to not fall off. A truly delightful clip that shocks you at the first view.

Father of the child had this to say in explanation. “A day at the beach with the family, this day my son asked for his sister’s surfboard to surf and that was the second wave of his life.” It turns out that this indeed was his second wave ever, but still does not take any light away from how perfectly he surfed that wave!

Source: ViralHog