What The US Aircraft Carrier That Travelled To The Middle East Is Doing That Worries Iran

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The Persian regime said that the presence of the USS Abraham Lincoln in the Mediterranean Sea is part of a “psychological war” of Washington against Tehran.

The Supreme National Security Council of Iran sought to downplay the recent US military deployment in the Middle East, which it described as “blustering” that is part of Washington’s “psychological war” against Tehran, while the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln was in the Mediterranean Sea participating in Nato naval exercises

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton announced on Monday the deployment of an aircraft carrier and a special bomber group in the region to “send a clear and unequivocal message to the Iranian regime that any attack on the interests of The United States  or its allies will face an implacable force. “

The vessel in question is the nuclear aircraft carrier of the Nimitz USS Abraham Lincoln class (code CVN-72, which is currently in the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Italy, participating in the NATO naval exercise “Mare Aperto 2019”, According to the Southfront defense monitoring site, he  received a visit from the president of Albania, Ilir Meta, according to the United States Navy.

“Mare Aperto 2019” is a naval exercise led by the Italian Navy that involves the armed forces of several NATO countries . It began on April 29 and will end on May 10.

Days ago the aircraft carrier, a huge ship that displaces more than 100,000 tons and carries more than 90 fighter-bombers and helicopters inside and covered, crossed the Red Sea, after allegedly navigating the waters of the Persian Gulf, reported Southfront and Stratford, also dedicated to defense issues.

“Bolton does not understand military and security issues, his comments are meant to draw attention, ” Iranian National Security Council spokesman Keyvan Josravi was quoted as saying on Tuesday by state television, according to EFE news agency .

Josravi noted that the White House adviser’s statement is “a bluff” and “an awkward resource for the purposes of psychological warfare.”

According to the Iranian spokesman, “it is unlikely that US Army commanders will choose to test the capabilities of the Iranian Armed Forces.”

In the same vein, the Iranian Defense Minister, Amir Hatami, said on Tuesday that “Iran will defeat the psychological warfare of the enemies.”

Tension has increased in the Persian Gulf since the United States announced in April the end of the exemptions it had granted to eight nations or territories (China, India, Italy, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey) to follow buying Iranian oil.

What The US Aircraft Carrier That Travelled To The Middle East Is Doing That Worries Iran

Tehran reiterated that if they block their oil exports, they can close the strategic Strait of Hormuz , where a large part of the world’s oil crosses.

Added to this situation is the fact that last month the United States designated the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist group , which Tehran responded by placing on its list of extremist groups the US troops deployed in the Middle East.

What The US Aircraft Carrier That Travelled To The Middle East Is Doing That Worries Iran

Despite this escalation, Bolton said Monday that “the United States is not seeking a war against the Iranian regime,” but is prepared to “respond to any attack.”



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