What Happens When You Mix A Jet Ski With A Home Swimming Pool? [VIDEO]

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A couple of guys became the target of ridicule and criticism on Facebook after suffering a terrible outcome for trying to drive his his jet ski across a pool.

The images, show the moment in which a man tries to test his watercraft in a home swimming pool to see what it could do, without expecting that his test would cause a spectacular accident that gave him the shock of his life.

In the video, you can see the moment when the man starts the jet ski from the outside of the pool of a house, however, the length of this is not so great, and when crossing the other to the other side, the vehicle goes flying does a flip, lands on the driver, who suffers a terrible impact, and only manages to throw his helmet.

The video triggered thousands of reactions and comments from Facebook users, who mocked the man for his unusual decision to try a jet ski in a pool.

“And the poor motorcycle, how is it? Does anyone know anything about it? The jet ski was not to blame for carrying an asshole on top. ” “Natural selection is called”. “Then they say that wealthy people have no problems.” “In the world there are always stupid people who make people laugh”, were some comments that viewers left after watching the video.


Source: La Republica