What Happens When A Water Snake Messes With A Cobra? [VIDEO]

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This video of the confrontation between two snakes has left more than one speechless. Nature is usually the scenario in which all kinds of battles for survival are fought; this time a young tourist managed to capture a video of the battle fought by a gigantic ‘ Cobra real ‘ and a water snake.

The images revealed the brutal outcome of this battle to the death in which the ‘winner’ ended up devouring his opponent in the worst possible way.

A totally merciless Cobra attacked a defenseless and small water snake that dared to confront her.

As revealed to us, despite the efforts made to survive, the little snake was grabbed by the neck by this fierce Cobra, which did not hesitate a second to squeeze with powerful jaws the snake and little by little try to devour it completely.

In just a matter of seconds the animal ended up engulfing its little rival and thus subjecting it completely, although these animals belong to the same reptile species, one of them did not hesitate to kill and swallow it’s rival.


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Source: La Republica