What Else Can You Do For Fun When You Live In The Ocean All Of Your Life (VIDEO)


These maneuvers are useful for Orcas to practice their skills and can hunt larger animals.

The US company Monterey Bay Whale Watch, which organizes routes to sight Killer Whales off the coast of California (United States), has  filmed spectacular aerial shots that show how a group of orcas play with their prey.

Nancy Black, marine biologist and manager of that company, has detailed that some of these orcas were young specimens that would not have much experience in hunting, so they took advantage of this opportunity to improve their skills practicing with birds and fish.

In the images it is appreciated that the orcas are submerged with several birds in their jaws, but they do not eat them. Black compared that situation with the game that develops “a cat with a mouse”, because “there is not much in the ocean to play with” and these maneuvers are for these cetaceans to practice their skills  and can hunt larger animals.

The recording also shows how these predators are entertained with a salmon, which they throw on the surface of the water and let escape. This specialist estimates that, although they were not part of their diet, the birds ran worse luck.


Source: ActualidadRT