Whale Watching Adventure Turns Into A Horror Thanks To A Couple Of Sharks

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Excited tourists who embarked on a marine adventure in search of whale sightings discovered a horrifying and unexpected scene.

Two large white sharks, one of which was five meters long, were eating a dead whale.

The explorers’ dream became reality; however, not in the way they wanted, because surely in their worst nightmares they did not want to encounter this image.

160 passengers, lovers of marine life, set sail from the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, but within minutes of sailing on the high seas, they saw two predators revel in the inert body of the whale.

In an interview with Business Insider, Joanne Jarzobski, a marine biologist on board the cruise, took photographs of the scene and described it as something bloody and surprising:

“We had received a report in the morning that this whale was floating in the bay and they asked us to try to document it when we went out with the crew to do the whale watching. “

None of the passengers imagined what they would find there, because the idea of ​​the trip was to see a live whale , doing pirouettes or doing something else.

The cruise company Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises revealed in a Facebook post that sharks had not killed the animal; in fact, the cause of the whale’s death remains unknown.

In spite of how sad this natural act might have seemed, the company explained an ecological way of seeing the event in a post next to a photograph of the whale that looked like a piece of minced meat:

“We are sad to see a dead whale, but let’s think that white sharks are helping to recycle it. “

Whale Watching Adventure Turns Into A Horror Thanks To A Couple Of Sharks

The whale’s throat was covered with deep furrows that are typical of this type of creature. In addition, Jarzobski said that seeing the sharks eating the carcass is a positive signal that indicates the proper functioning of an ecosystem:

“Sharks are an important animal in our environment, but they have earned a notoriously bad reputation for their aggressiveness. “

The expert said that the opportunity to see a great white shark in action is a unique experience in life that the passengers of the crew could experience.


Source: La Neta Noticias