Whale Swallows a Diver and Then Releases Him Alive; Man Told His Unusual Experience

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A 51 year old diver told the dramatic experience he had to live after being swallowed by a whale on a beach in South Africa and then expelled alive by it. A witness captured the moment in pictures and has traveled around the world.

Live to tell! Rainer Schimpf , a 51-year-old diver and director of Dive Expert Tours, recounted the unusual experience he experienced a few days ago, when he was with a team of divers on a beach in southern Africa , and was swallowed by a whale. Bryde while trying to photograph a shark.

The unusual event occurred in Port Elizabeth, in Cape Town ( South Africa ), when he was taking a photograph of a shark. According to Schimpf, who organizes diving activities, at that time he had planned – together with the other divers – to document the migration of the sardine, which occurs in South Africa from May to July.

As detailed by the diver, he was with a group of divers trying to capture and document different marine species, when, suddenly, the sea began to shake and began to feel pressure until being in an immense darkness.

“I was trying to photograph a shark when everything went dark and I felt pressure. I knew instantly that a whale had caught me, “the diver told Barcroft TV.

“I felt a pressure on my hip,” he said, but said that in a circumstance like that “you do not have time to be afraid, you have to use your instinct”. He also indicated that, fortunately, it was a mistake of the animal, because the whales do not “devour men”, so it only remained for him to remain calm and wait. “I held my breath thinking that I was going to submerge and release myself in the depths of the ocean,” he revealed.

Fortunately, it did not take long for the whale to eject the diver and he can return unharmed to his boat. “It was an interesting experience, it gives me a connection to the whale that I do not think anyone has had … I would not do it again,” Schimpf said.

After the shocking testimony of the diver, several users compared their unusual experience with the biblical story of Jonah and the big fish, which tells the lesson that God would have given the prophet for disobeying his orders. According to the story, Jonah remained for three days in the body of a huge fish, praying and apologizing to God for his mistakes, until he was expelled alive by the marine species.


Source: Aweita la Republica