Whale Notices The Presence Of Tourists And Comes To The Surface To ‘Say Hello’ [VIDEO]

Shocking Through YouTube , the moment when scientists are surprised by the warm welcome given by one of the whales they investigated went viral.

Awesome. YouTube shared the precise moment when scientists were observing whales in the middle of the sea, when one of them comes to the surface and ‘ smiles ‘ them, giving them a nice welcome, never before captured by a camera.

The whale is one of the best hunters in the water. These mammals have a sharp ear that can measure a third of their body length and is one of their most effective tools when it comes to hunting, since they can identify where their prey is several meters away.

Their diet is mainly based on small crustaceans , so they are not an enemy of man, on the contrary, they are very friendly when they notice the presence of humans and this was demonstrated in the YouTube viral video, where a group of whales came out to the surface, but one of them drew a lot of attention for an unusual event.

The video shows a group of scientists very close to these giant animals, who seem to like the presence of humans around them. It was at that moment that one of her comes to the surface and opens her mouth wide, leaving tourists astonished.

“The humpback whale came to the surface to spy on the jump and opened its mouth in all its extension for no apparent reason, I had never seen anything like it in 15 years working on whale watching ,” said the woman who recorded the shocking event

The clip that went viral on YouTube and other social networks has left thousands of users impressed, who have shared them in their accounts they have on different platforms. Here below you can see the amazing moment.