Whale Leaps From The Water and Nearly Causes Death of Tourists on Boat

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A huge whale jumped out of the ocean and almost killed a dozen tourists.

You will not believe what happens in this video. Surprise has caused this new viral of the moment. Thousands of YouTube users witnessed the strength of a huge cetacean due to a video shared on the platform which shows how a humpback whale almost killed a group of people walking in a small boat in the sea of Costa Rica.

Although some seemed a magical moment, as if from a painting, for these tourists it was the opposite since the gigantic beast almost killed them after jumping out of the water and descending a few meters from their location. What happened to them after this unexpected departure from the cetacean? Keep reading to be aware of everything that happened in the middle of the ocean.

In the recording made by a tourist located in another boat , it shows a group of visitors enjoying the sea and reveling in the presence of a humpback whale that was close to them; everything was fine until at any moment the animal jumped several meters above the water and falls a short distance from a boat, causing panic in the crew that recorded all this incident from afar.

The clip was made on the coast of the city of Qepos , in the Costa Rican western province of Puntarenas , known for being a privileged site to observe several of these whales that are in danger of extinction. However, this incident completely overshadowed that beautiful afternoon in which tourists enjoyed the presence of said cetacean.

Some see it as a magical and unique moment, although these huge animals are known for making great jumps and blows with their fins, which can cause the sinking of some ships.


Source: La Republica