Whale Emerges from the Sea and Fishermen Are Able to Take Selfies With the Enormous Animal [VIDEO]

The Facebook viral video recorded the moment when a huge cetacean separated from its herd to surprise a group of fishermen sailing on the high seas.

Impressive images that you won’t be able to miss. Through Facebook has become viral a video that shows the different ‘selfies’ that were taken by a group of fishermen on the beach of San Diego, in the United States. The clip shows the precise moment in which the giant marine animal emerged from the sea to make an unthinkable pirouette in front of the fishing men.

Thousands of users around the world have been able to appreciate this unusual moment, at sea, through the publication made by ABC News. The portal explained that five men were fishing in Yellowtail when the black and white whale approached the boat.

Immediately, the fishermen, upon noticing the presence of the giant animal, took out their phones to take various ‘selfies’ that have been viralized in Facebook and other social networks.

“Oh, it was incredible. I’ve never been this close to a creature,” said Benge, one of the witnesses to the viral video, adding that the killer whale was “simply huge.

Also, the other men on the Facebook viral video mentioned that, “the ‘playful’ whale was an animal that apparently had a particular taste for relating to humans.

“Orca emerges next to a fishing boat and poses for selfies off the coast of San Diego,” reads the publication a fisherman shared on Twitter. This curious encounter between humans and a whale is a trend on Facebook and other platforms.

If you want to see the viral images, check out our photo gallery, all you have to do is slide each one to the left. Here you can also see the viral video that was filmed in the United States.