Washington Formally Declared The Guard A “Foreign Terrorist Organization”  (VIDEO)

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The recording of a US aircraft carrier in the Gulf that Iran claimed to have made with an unmanned aircraft in the Gulf appears to be “several years old,” the United States Navy said.

The video was filmed by a military drone, Iran’s Tasnim news agency  said on Sunday in a report on its website, and published some of the images of the reconnaissance flight.

“The images that the Iranians recently published … appear to be several years old, and of the last deployment in the Persian Gulf by the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69),” said Lt. Chloe Morgan, spokeswoman for the Naval Forces Central Command. from USA UU to AFP in an email.

The video, which could not be independently verified, showed a light blue Iranian Revolutionary Guards plane taking off from a desert base near the sea, followed by images supposedly from their cameras of an escort ship and then an aircraft carrier with planes parked in the cover.

Tasnim did not identify the boats or say when the recording of the drone was filmed, but in the video, the number “69” is clearly seen on the aircraft carrier.

Iran quickly retaliated by calling the US troops “terrorists.”

The guards are an ideological military force that operates in parallel to the regular army of Iran.

Its naval arm is in charge of the security of the Gulf, including the Strategic Strait of Hormuz, a global navigation route that US forces routinely cross.


Source: Israel Noticias