Viral YouTube Videos: Dolphin Surprises Surfer and Hits Him for Interrupting it’s Path [VIDEO]

Via YouTube. The animal came out of the sea untimely and threw itself against the surfer, who was starting his race towards the opposite side.

A German surfer, lover of water sports, shared through a video that has become viral on YouTube, the curious experience he lived during one of his practices on the beaches of Gracetown (Australia), when he was surprised by a dolphin while starting his journey at sea.

The protagonist of this viral video, which already has thousands of reproductions on YouTube, is Andrew Hill, 54 years old, who told the media that never before had passed a similar event at sea, even though it is not the first time he meets or crosses with dolphins.

“There were eight or nine of them, who decided to join that wave and surf directly towards me. It didn’t surprise me, because it has happened many times in the past and, in general, they only swim to one side, to the left or to the right and avoid me,” said the surfer, who was surprised with the unusual attack of a dolphin on the beaches of Gracetown. What happened?

As can be seen in the YouTube viral recording, the surfer was preparing to begin his journey into the sea when, suddenly, a group of dolphins appeared, swimming in the opposite direction to his. Hill did not give it much importance, and contrary to what was about to happen, waited quietly with the purpose of witnessing a great spectacle, but, in a matter of seconds, was hit by one of the dolphins that jumped untimely against him by knocking him off his board.

The curious moment was recorded in video another of the surfers, named Lucas Englert, who was on the beach filming some tourists and was able to capture the incredible event, which was shared on YouTube and Facebook generating diverse reactions from Internet users.

“It’s good to see dolphins. Surfers like to see dolphins, but obviously I would prefer that they stay a little further away,” joked the surfer after the diffusion of the YouTube viral clip, adding that he suffered blows to the hip and shoulders, but was able to get out of the water without complications.

Watch the YouTube viral video: