Every Day, This Loyal Dog Waits On A Dock For Its Owner To Return From The Sea (VIDEO)

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The dog was rescued from the waters of the Chao Phraya River in Thailand. Since then he looks sadly at the ships that arrive in search of someone.

The animal was rescued by a woman who saw him swim desperately in the middle of the river in search of dry land. In an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper, the saviour identified herself as Piengkamol Kerdsomsri, an inhabitant of the area near Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

Kerdsomsri called the dog ‘Suerte’, which means ‘lucky’ in Spanish. Lucky, told by the media, waits for his owner every day from the dock and often goes by inspecting the ships that arrive with the hope of finding him.

“I was scared when I found him and he doesn’t let anyone touch him or give him food,” she said in an interview with the British media.

As it also counts, it seems that the only thing he expects is the arrival of his owner.

Finally, the woman also expressed that seeing him in that condition “breaks her heart”, since he waits like a child for his parent to return to him.


Source: Noticias Caracol TV