Check Out This Gentle Giant Jellyfish That Is Larger Than A Human (VIDEO)

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Attention to the “sea monster” that has been sighted last Saturday off the Cornish coast in Great Britain . The biologist was diving in these waters when she saw something big in the distance that caught her attention.

And it was not for less, it was a giant jellyfish that average more than a meter and a half. She had already seen a jellyfish “aguamala” before, but never of such size, according to information presented on the science and technology portal, Agencia iD.

Usually these sphygomedusas reach 60 cm and can reach 100, but this in particular is an unusual case.

It was the cameraman I was diving with, Dan Abbott, who captured the image that accompanies this news: “I had never seen a jellyfish of that size in my life.” They recorded these images during the celebration of the “Wild Ocean Week“, a fundraising campaign for the Organization for Marine Conservation of the United Kingdom, which was created by the biologist herself and serves to help document the different species that swim in front to the coast of the United Kingdom. In statements he says “we did not expect to find anything, so it was an absolute delight to live this experience.”

If someone wonders if this type of jellyfish could bite your body if you find them, calm down . Its “stabbing” cells are more compact so it is very complicated that it could create a wound. Of course, they are also characterized by releasing some substances or toxins that cause small abrasions of itching and burning, especially in people with more sensitive skin.


Source: Asisucede